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Lexia Pro 60 Rear Light

Max. Lumens: 60LM
LED Types: COB LEDs.
ON: Press the button 1 click.
OFF: Press the button to change light modes (1 click) until it turns off.
Mode Change: Press the button 1 click. To change flash mode to steady mode 2 clicks (same opposite)
Light Sensor Mode (press the button 3 sec.) Mode types same as normal but lighting according to surrounding brightness.
Material: Aluminum frame.
Clip mount system included.
IP65 Waterproof.
Battery capacity: 500mAh built-in-li-poly.
Charge time: 1 hour (USB cable included)MODES  Steady Light 25% = 8h  Steady Light 50% = 4h  Steady Light 100% = 2h   Flash Light 50% = 8h  Flash Light 100% = 4h  Slow Flash Light 100% = 4h

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