Massi Tactic Women's Cylcing Team

In 2019, after 7 years of work with women’s cycling, a Women’s UCI team is created, the first in the history of Catalonia, to continue the runners out of the Club’s base team. In 2021, with 12 riders from 5 different nationalities, the team seeks to be present in the best races of the European calendar and continue to grow as a team to be among the best in the world.


UCI Cross Country Marathon Team
It is the 3rd year in history that the Marathon teams will have their individual and team ranking with the change in regulations. For us this is a great step full of ambition for a team like Cannondale Vas Arabay and to continue fighting and growing within the UCI Cross Country Marathon.


Stage 13 of the 1950 Tour de France, from Perpignan to Nîmes, was blistering. Temperatures above 40ºC were recorded. In the absence of about 200 km. for goal, Abdel-Kader Zaaf attacked with his compatriot Marcel Molinès. Zaaf accepted a bottle from a harvester that supposedly contained wine or some other form of alcohol. The alcohol combined with the heat had an immediate effect on Zaaf, who began to zigzag and had to interrupt the stage, deciding to seek rest under a tree where he immediately fell asleep. A little later he was woken up by some supporters to tell him that the platoon was fast approaching. Abdel-Kader got on his bike and accelerated, in the opposite direction of the direction of the race. He was lucky not to collide with the peloton. They forced him to get off a second time and took him to the hospital. Molinès won the stage but the legend of Abdel-Kader Zaaf was born, to whom his grandson Riad pays tribute with this project.